• Summer in the Age of COVID-19: What Activities Are Safe?

    The weather is finally sunny and warm – summer is back! But there’s still a pandemic to consider. So, what activities you can do safely this summer, and which ones should you avoid? When making your decisions, consider four factors: person, place, space, and time. Person – How many people wil... View Post
  • Why Getting the Flu Vaccine Is Even More Important This Year

    It’s that time of year again … flu season is just around the corner, and we need to get ready for it. While Australia and other countries in the Southern Hemisphere had an exceptionally mild flu season this year, we can’t assume that it will be the same here. Public health officials in those co... View Post
  • Sports During the Pandemic: How to Decide if It's Safe to Play

    Many parents have asked me lately whether it’s OK for kids to go back to fall sports. We know that COVID-19 is still out there, but our kids have been in social isolation for months and are doing online school. Can’t we at least let them participate in their favorite sports? It’s a tough questi... View Post