• ZZZ CPAP Mask & Accessories Cleaner  Universal

ZZZ CPAP Mask & Accessories Cleaner Universal

The ZZZ Cleaner is the smallest most cost-effective CPAP Cleaner available * Using Activated Oxygen to eliminate any bacteria mold or viruses it comes in contact with the ZZZ Cleaner has a 99.9% kill rate and costs half as much as other leading cleaners * No matter who manufactured your CPAP the ZZZ Cleaner will clean it with no adapter needed * The ZZZ Cleaner's small size means that it can easily fit on a bedside table or in a carry-on for travel * Sanitizes without Chemicals or Water in just 25 minutes * The ZZZ Cleaner has a rechargeable built in battery so it can be used anywhere * Recharges with a standard USB plug * The ZZZ Cleaner is quiet you probably won't be able to even hear it unless you put it right next to your ear * 2 year warranty * ZZZ Cleaner includes instructions an airtight bag with which to sanitize the water chamber mask and tubing a carbon filter and a charging cable/plug * This product is recommended for the cleaning of the CPAP Mask CPAP Tubing and CPAP Water Chamber (Note - It is not recommended for the actual CPAP machine) *

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